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→ jasmine
09 November 2010 @ 06:53 pm
currently adding // not adding
 comment to be considered, i'll most likely add you if we have somethings in common
just don't add me without commenting first, please. 

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→ jasmine
Oh, man I haven't updated in forever. I'm gonna try to not make this too long, though.
Yesterday I went shopping blahblah and I saw How I Met Your Mother Season 1 DVD on sale for $20 and since lately I've been hearing about how awesome it is and how everyone loves it, I figured why not? and OMG it's ~LEGENDARY. lolol, i love it. It's sooo awesome and even though I feel like it'll take me 35346 years to catch up I can't wait. Haha, so that's basically how I spent my Saturday night.

Tonight are the Grammy's I'm pretty excited to see JB perform and ngl, it'd be amazing if they won. I'm also really excited to see Taylor & Miley perform that'll be interesting. =]

School has actually been okay this week. Next week, we're getting our report cards for the 2nd term, that should be interesting. So far, I know of most of my marks besides Math and they're good most of them are in the 80's. Something that pissed me off though; my mom said that if I don't get in the 80's for math that's shes going to take away my phone =/ That doesn't make any fucking sense. Last term I failed the class with a 43 and I really think I passed this term which she should at least be happy about instead of expecting me to go from a 43 to a fucking 80. She's always wanting more from me, she can't just be happy and proud that I passed. No, she wants an 80 or higher. :/

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→ jasmine
03 January 2009 @ 03:18 am
Part of my 2009 Scrapbook post

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recommendations are lovely and much appreciated!♥
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→ jasmine
02 January 2009 @ 10:16 pm

scrapbook 2009

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